Best DIY Brightening face mask for all skin type

  • Its essential to use DIY skincare recipes when there're fresh and refrigerated. Make a fresh recipe every three days and some ingredients can grow bacteria and mold quickly.just because something looks and smell OK doesn't mean harmful microorganisms aren't growing there.

  • Brightening face mask for all skin types  
  • What you need:

  • Gram flour      (1 tablespoon)
  • Turmeric         (pinch)
  • Honey             (1/4)tsp of )
  • lime                (4-5 Drop)
  • rice flour      (1 tablespoon)

Note:Natural ingredient can cause reactions and skin irritation in some people. If you know you react to any of this ingredients when you eat them, do not put them on your face.



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Very helpful thanks

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